Sunday, October 18, 2015

Days 176-180

Day 176—Review Lesson 3 “The Gospel of Jesus Christ.”  The following are are just suggested questions to use as a review of the lessons you have just covered.  Remember, this is not a test, but rather a faith-building discussion of gospel principles.  Feel free to add your own questions.

  • What has Christ done for us that we might be cleansed from our sins? (The Atonement)
  • Describe what the Atonement is? (Any acceptable answer that explains His suffering in Gethsemane, Crucifixion, and Resurrection, all of which were done on our behalf to pay the price of sin.)
  • How does Heavenly Father show mercy for us?  (When He forgives us of our sins as we repent).
  • What is sin? (Disobedience to God’s commandments)
  • What are the First Principles and Ordinances of the Gospel? Describe them briefly. (Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, Repentance, Baptism by immersion for the remission of sins, and the laying on of hands for the Gift of the Holy Ghost).
  • What is an ordinance?  (a sacred ceremony or rite that shows that we have entered into a covenant with God.)
  • What is a covenant?  (A covenant is a binding and solemn agreement between God and man)
  • Explain some of the doctrine of Baptism (Authority, immersion, age of accountability/little children need not be baptized, etc)
  • What should we do to prepare for baptism?  (learn the gospel and live it.  Can be more detailed in their answer: change habits that are bad into good habits, give up sin, etc).
  • What do we promise when we partake of the sacrament?  (Always remember Christ’s sacrifice, etc)
  • What does Heavenly Father promise to us when we partake of the Sacrament?  (sanctify our souls, we will always have His spirit to be with us).
  • What does it mean to repent? (based on age, determine how much your child understands.  For some, the simplest answer will suffice---“stop making bad choices and start making better choices)
  • Explain the Gift of the Holy Ghost and how we receive it. (constant companionship of the Holy Ghost if we are worthy. We receive it by the laying on of hands by a priesthood holder who has the authority to do so.)
  • What are some blessings we receive through the Gift of the Holy Ghost (comfort, promptings to avoid danger, inspiration, etc)
  • What does Endure to the End mean?  (Faithfully following the gospel to be worthy of Eternal Life)
  • Review key definitions.

Day 177—Review Lesson 4 “The Commandments” p. 71-81

Day 178—Review Lesson 5 “Laws and Ordinances” p. 82-88

Days 171- 175

Day 171Lesson 3, The Gospel of Jesus Christ,  p. 62, sectioned titled “Repentance.” And 5th Article of Faith.
Day 172Lesson 3, The Gospel of Jesus Christ, p. 63, section titled “Baptism, Our First Covenant.”  (Part 1--go through the end of page 63) Give emphasis on what is a Covenant and why baptism must be done with the proper authority. And 5th Article of Faith.

Day 173Lesson 3, The Gospel of Jesus Christ, p. 64, section titled “Baptism, Our First Covenant.” (Part 2).  This section is about why we are baptized, how it takes place (immersion), the symbolism, little children need not be baptized, and what we must do after we are baptized.  And 5th Article of Faith.
“Baptismal Age: Episode 35” (this is a radio broadcast, no visuals, and it is 18 minutes, but it has a useful explanation of the age of accountability.  You can pick and choose the parts you want to share).  
“Renewing All Covenants Though the Sacrament”  

Day 174Lesson 3: The Gospel of Jesus Christ, p. 65 “The Gift of the Holy Ghost.”  And 6th Article of Faith.
“The Unspeakable Gift of the Holy Ghost”   (this is 50 minutes long.  Watch, and choose clips).

Day 175Lesson 3: The Gospel of Jesus Christ, p. 66 “Endure to the End” And 6th Article of Faith.

Days 166-170

Day 166Lesson 2: The Plan of Salvation, p. 53, today you will study the section titled “The Resurrection, Judgment, and Immortality.”  And 4th Article of Faith.
“Can You Imagine?”  (8 minutes)
“How Men Are Saved”   (20 minutes)

Day 167Lesson 2: The Plan of Salvation, p. 53, today you will study the section titled “Kingdoms of Glory”.  And 4th Article of Faith.

Day 168—Review entire Lesson 2 “The Plan of Salvation.”  Use the following ideas to help children remember the entire lesson.  Feel free to create additional questions.  Some questions are a bit deeper than others and require a degree of critical thinking that a younger child might not possess (but you might be surprised).  Use these questions to encourage discussion, not a test.
  • Who did we live with before we were born on earth?  (answer: Heavenly Father)    

  • What did we learn and accept before we came to this earth? (answer: The Plan of Salvation).

  •  The Plan of Salvation can also be called “The Plan of Happiness.”  How does this plan help us to be happy?  (any acceptable answer explaining that being with Heavenly Father and our families after this life will help us to be happy).

  • Who created the earth (answer: Jesus Christ.  If they answer “Heavenly Father,” remind them that Heavenly Father directed Jesus on how to create the earth, but that it was actually Jesus who performed the creation.)

  • Why don’t we remember the time when we lived with Heavenly Father? (answer: we must walk by faith and not by sight.  Explain what that means if they need further explanation).

  • Who were the first people on the earth? (answer: Adam and Eve). 

  •  Key words about Adam and Eve: * Agency—the ability to choose for oneself.

  •  Adam and Eve were given a commandment to NOT do something.  What was it, and what happened? (answer: anything that explains the commandment not to partake of the fruit, Satan tempting Adam & Eve, and Adam and Eve partaking of the fruit).

  • This event is called “The Fall.” Why is it called The Fall, and why is it so important that this happened?  (answer:  It is called The Fall because Adam and Eve fell away from God’s presence and they were cast out from the garden.  The Fall is important because it made Adam and Eve mortal, explain what mortal means, and this was the only way that that they could learn and progress.  It allowed them to make choices and to sin, and it also enabled them to have children, bringing more of Heavenly Father’s spirit children to the earth to also learn and progress.)

  • What is our purpose on earth? (answer: anything to do with learning and growing to become more like Heavenly Father and return to His presence).

  •  Explain the two types of death. (answer: Physical death—the death of our physical bodies.  Spiritual death—sinning, creating distance between us and Heavenly Father.)? 

  • How does it make you feel that Heavenly Father has given you the chance to become more like Him?  (any answer is acceptable)

  •  How did Jesus Christ overcome the effects of the Fall/the two types of death? (answer: The Atonement.  Though we will all die, Jesus overcame physical death when he was resurrected on the third day after he was crucified.  Jesus also suffered for our sins, paying the price for us to overcome spiritual death.)

  • What do we have to do to be resurrected and live with God again?  (Answer: To be resurrected, we do not have to do anything.  ALL of Heavenly Father’s children, regardless of their life choices will have their spirit and body reunited through the resurrection.  However, in order to live with God again, we must exercise faith in Christ, repent of our sins regularly, be baptized into Christ’s church, receive the gift of the holy Ghost and endure to the end.)

  • Why is Jesus so special and different from the rest of Heavenly Father’s children?  (answer: anything explaining that He is perfect, sinless, completely obedient). 

  • Where will we go after we die, but before we are resurrected?  (Answer: the Spirit World).

  • What will happen after we are resurrected?  (answer: we will be brought into God’s presence to be judged.  He will reward us according to our works and desires). 

  • What is he difference between Immortality and Eternal Life? (answer: Immortality is to live forever; everyone will become immortal after the resurrection.  Eternal Life is only for those who obey the gospel; these people will get to live in the presence of God forever in eternal families.  It can also be referred to as Exaltation. 
  • What are the Kingdoms of Glory and who will get to live there? (answer: Celestial, Terrestrial, and Telestial.  See pages 53-54 for more complete description and scriptures to explain who will dwell in each Kingdom of Glory).
·         Key Words can be found on pages 58-59 of “Preach my Gospel.”  Review them as needed.

Day 169—Begin Lesson 3, The Gospel of Jesus Christ,  p. 60, section titled “Through Christ We Can Be Cleansed from Sin.”  And 5th Article of Faith.

“Reclaimed”  (This clip is also listed on Day 23, use it one or the other, or both days.  It is a really great analogy).

Day 170Lesson 3, The Gospel of Jesus Christ,  p. 61, section titled “Faith in Jesus Christ.” And 5th Article of Faith.
“Finding Faith in Christ” (this is 30 minutes long)  
“Pure and Simple Faith” 

Days 161-165

Day 161Lesson 2: The Plan of Salvation, p. 49, today you will study the section titled “Agency and the Fall of Adam and Eve.”  And 3rd Article of Faith.

Day 162Lesson 2: The Plan of Salvation, p. 50, today you will study the section titled  “Our Life on Earth.”  And 3rd Article of Faith.

Day 163Lesson 2: The Plan of Salvation, p. 51, today you will study the section titled “The Atonement” part 1 (through paragraph that ends, “enduring to the end”).  And 4th Article of Faith.

Day 164Lesson 2: The Plan of Salvation. p. 51 (very bottom), today you will study the section titled “The Atonement” part 2 (beginning with “To fulfill the plan of salvation…” through the end of the section).  And 4th Article of Faith.

Day 165Lesson 2: The Plan of Salvation, p. 52, today you will study the section titled “The Spirit World.” And 4th Article of Faith.

Days 156-160

Day 156--p. 37 “The Restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through Joseph Smith” part two (Beginning with “After the appearance of the Father and Son…” to the end of section) and 4th Article of Faith practice.
“The Restoration”  (this is just about the First Vision and is about 20 minutes long).
“Joseph Smith: The Prophet of the Restoration” (this is 1 hour long.  You might want to use the movie during Family Home Evening, or the Sunday following these lessons as part of your review.  Also note there are some parts that might disturb sensitive little ones, particularly the part where the adversary tries to stop Joseph, and scenes of persecution, especially Haun's Mill where several members died).  
Day 157—p. 38 “The Book of Mormon: Another Testament of Jesus Christ.” And 4th Article of Faith (complete memorization).

Day 158—p. 39 “Pray to Know the Truth through the Holy Ghost.” (be sure to cover the 4 steps of prayers in the inset).  And 5th Article of Faith practice.

Day 159— Review entire Lesson 1: The Restoration.  Use the following ideas to help children remember the entire lesson.  Feel free to create additional questions.  Some questions are a bit deeper than others and require a degree of critical thinking that a younger child might not possess (but you might be surprised).  Use these questions to encourage discussion, not a test.

    •  How can we move closer to God?  (answer: Obedience) 
    •  Why has Heavenly Father sent us to the earth? (answer: to learn and grow)
    •  Why are families so important to Heavenly Father (answer: family is ordained of God, home is a place to learn and grow, place of happiness, or similar explanation.
    •  How does Heavenly Father reveal His plan to his children? (answer: Prophets)
    •  What is Heavenly Father’s Plan (answer: be successful in this life at living the commandments in order to return and live with Him.  The Atonement of Jesus Christ is the center of the Plan).

    ·         Key words (for a complete list of key words, see pages 44-45):

        Revelation—communication between God and His chosen servants (prophets).  Anyone can receive revelation through the power of the Holy Ghost, but it is the prophet who receives revelation for the world as a whole.    
       Testify—sharing what one knows to be true.  
       Apostasy—a falling away from the truth; spiritual darkness.   
       Dispensation—period of time when the truth is on the earth headed by prophetic responsibility.  (feel free to add more key words as you deem necessary).

    •   Why was The Great Apostasy different than the other apostasies which occurred between each dispensation? (answer:  The Great Apostasy followed the death of Christ and His apostles.  The Church had been established, but with their deaths, the priesthood authority was completely lost and removed from the earth.  Without the Apostles to guide church members, the teachings became corrupt.) 
    •   What do you know about Joseph Smith (any acceptable answer, and fill in the gaps with the rest of his story).

    •  Through Joseph Smith, the fullness of the gospel was ______ to the earth (answer: restored). 

    •  What does restoration mean, and why was it that the church was restored through Joseph Smith and not founded by him? (answer: Restored means that it was returned to the earth.  All of the keys of the priesthood, priesthood authority, and the power of revelation were once again manifest.  Joseph Smith is not the founder of the Church because he did not create it; Jesus Christ is the founder of the Church, and will always be the head of the Church).

    • Besides Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ, what other Heavenly Messengers appeared to Joseph Smith (and Oliver Cowdery), and what did they restore?  (Answer: John the Baptist restored the keys of the Aaronic Priesthood and Peter, James, and John restored the key of the Melchizedek Priesthood.

    •  How can reading the Book of Mormon help us to know that Joseph Smith was a prophet of God (answers will vary, but can include: by the power of the Holy Ghost we can know that Joseph translated these scriptures for us, etc).

    • How did Joseph Smith obtain the plates which were translated into the Book of Mormon?  (answer:  Joseph Smith was directed by a heavenly messenger named Moroni to a hill where the gold plates had been buried centuries earlier).

    • How did Joseph translate the plates into English?  (Answer: he translated by the power of God).

    • Who wrote the Book of Mormon and what does it tell? (answer: The Book of Mormon was written by ancient prophets in the Americas, and records God’s dealings with His people at that time).

    •  What 3 steps must we take to know the Book of Mormon is true?  (Answer: We must read, ponder, and pray about The Book of Mormon).

    • How do we pray?  (Answer: Prayer has four steps: first we address Heavenly Father, then we thank Him for our blessings, we ask Him for what we desire, and we close “in the name of Jesus Christ, amen.”

      Day 160—(begin Lesson 2—during the course of this lesson, you will be adding to a Plan of Salvation timeline.  Feel free to design your own, or find one.  Do not skip ahead.  Focus each day on just one principle.  You may use your own diagram/illustration that can have each part added as you teach about it.  Here is just one option, or you can create your own:     p. 48 “Pre-Earth Life: God’s Purpose and Plan for Us.” And 5th Article of Faith (complete memorization).
      “Our Eternal Life”  (this would be a good review because it covers many topics)